This content may be not suitable for sensitive audiences, that’s why I warn you before you proceed to any of my portfolios. You can check my main works on Pixiv, just follow the links, although you can see some of them in Hiccears as well. But if R18 it's not what you looking for, then I recommend you visit my DeviantArt. I have a few works there mostly safe stuff cuz not everyone like nsfw content. If my style suit you, then you can contact me to talk about a possible commission. My commission is very affordable and delivered in less time than another artist. I only accept Paypal tho, so you must have a valid account. No free request, sorry but I live from this. Portfolios
About me Hi there!, I’m Firefawx, the true and only. I’m a designer and graphic artist who like to draw cute little characters, involved in some spicy stuff. These are known as shota and loli. Most of my art is based on original characters and some manga spin-offs. Keep in mind that my art its pure R18 mostly. I keep humble and always trying to improve my art a bit more, I’m always trying to do things other artists normally don't do yet. I invite you to visit my portfolios and judge by yourself. Thank you so much for your visit here, and please follow me on my sns if you like my art. You may consider supporting me on the Patreon platform or in any of the online stores I currently have.

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I’ll assume if you are here you may want to talk to me for a commission so you either send me a message thru this contact form to get it to touch to me. I may be on some sns too but I won't accept PM as a precaution for some death threats I was receiving lately. Please feel free to email me directly if you have another thing to discuss with me, you IP will be recorded tho, as a matter of precaution and safety. May I invite you to let me a nice message? I’ll reach you asap, ok? Thank you! Contact
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